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The Deadlift Manual

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Are you tired of seeing your deadlift go nowhere?  Have you hit a plateau that you can’t pass?  Are you ready to finally take your deadlift to the next level?

Here’s the thing:  everyone likes to deadlift, but not everyone can pull big weight.  I’m not sure what camp you fall in right now, but either way I’m here to help you out.  The methods utilized in this program have put 30 pounds or more on multiple elite level pulls (we’re talking in the 700 lbs range), and with the right mindset it can do the same for you.

Maybe you’re a veteran looking to squeeze out a few more pounds, or maybe you’re an intermediate lifter who’s hit their first plateau…either way, I’m here to show you the way:  to right the ship and point you towards a monster deadlift.

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