MASS Nutrition Manual


Dear Reader,

My name is Dr. Ben House, and I’m here to not only keep you alive, but also make sure you ride the gains train throughout MASS.

I have known Pat Davidson for a few years now and have yet to meet another coach who is as intense or driven in making human beings stronger. I also know that when you follow this gentleman, you are playing with fire. Lick your face and back away type fire. My goal is to give you gloves when you play with the flames and a safe place to put the blaze at night because you are going to get burned, and I don’t want it to scorch you to the bone. I’m the guy they call when people die. I rummage around in the graveyard and see who I can save.

You don’t want to meet me. You want to roll through #MASS and look in the rearview and say, “That wasn’t too pleasant, but maybe next year I’ll do that again.” This nutrition manual contains the fundamental principles that keep you alive and allow you to flourish.

Dr. Davidson has been working his entire life to balance and align the exercise piece of this expedition. But, there are three other wheels you need to put on your vehicle if you don’t want to run into a stop light at 105 in the middle of trap bar deadlift, and if any one of these other three wheels are off, you crash and burn. How bad likely depends on your genetics and training age. And here’s the rub. You can’t make up for one wheel being low on air, misaligned, or completely off your vehicle by putting massive tire treads and jacking up another wheel. Ultimately, I’m going to teach you to own these three wheels, and help you get the most out of not just training, but life.

*A note to the reader :  please know that this manual is not meant to be educational in nature, but rather, an easy to follow, right out of the box nutrition and lifestyle guide.  You will undoubtedly learn a few things along the way, but the primary goal here is action, and not teaching you the science.

*If you are buying MASS 2, please know it already contains an entire section by Ben on nutrition and lifestyle.  This manual came out as an add-on for the original MASS, so you don’t need to buy it if you are purchasing MASS 2.


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