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James Cerbie


Lance Goyke

“Boy Genius”

Zach Hadge

“The Hulk”

Dani Tocci


Word On The Street

  • Eric Cressey

    President, Cressey Sports Performance

    “James Cerbie is a rising star in the fitness industry, thanks to his passion, insatiable desire to learn, and his own experience as an athlete. During his internship with us at Cressey Performance, he quickly gained popularity with clients and coaches alike. I’m now proud to call him a professional colleague and look forward to all the great things he’ll do for the industry moving forward.”

  • Bill Hartmann

    PT; Co-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (

    “I’ve had the privilege of watching Lance evolve from a gym mascot who cleaned our toilets to a teacher and trainer that we trust with our most valued commodity at IFAST, our clients.”

  • Mike Robertson

    MS, CSCS, USAW; President, Robertson Training Systems; Co-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (

    “I don’t think I could heap higher praise on someone than letting them work as a coach in my gym. As a coach at IFAST, you are asked every single day to get results with your clients. But furthermore, you’re asked to do the things outside of the gym to make yourself better as well. Lance Goyke’s work ethic, personality, and dedication to his craft are why I trust him to train our clients and athletes at IFAST. He’s a great young coach, and I expect him to continue to excel over the years to come.”

  • Ryan Andrews

    MS, MA, RD, Coach at Precision Nutrition

    “I respect James’ view on all things training and nutrition. If I have training and/or nutrition questions, James is on my go-to contact list.”

  • Dean Somerset

    “The future for James is going to be huge. Well, physically maybe not. He’s of average height and build. But he has the potential to see some significant increases in size and strength. In the fitness industry though, he’s going to be a major player. His combination of work ethic, productivity, desire to constantly learn, and willingness to humble himself in the name of becoming a better trainer are all qualities that employers salivate over, and will lead to him making a strong presence for himself as a trainer, coach, and mentor to the next generation of trainers and coaches. I would trust him to train any of my clients, my parents, and might even train with him myself.”

  • Tony Gentilcore

    CSCS, Co-Founder Cressey Performance

    “I have the luxury of interacting with many up and coming coaches in the industry, and I can say with full confidence that James is a rare breed.  He’s down-to-earth, humble, walks the walk, and has an insatiable appetite to learn and to get better.  Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him – whether an athlete or a regular Joe/Jane – would be crazy not to take it.”

  • Jon Goodman

    Founder and Bossman, The Personal Trainer Development Cente

    “With every interaction James has impressed me. His dedication to personal improvement and ability to seek out and learn from the best is second to none. I consider myself fortunate to have gotten to know James so early on in his career. He’s already doing great things that will soon become exceptional.”


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